PHY 1510: Physical Science


Introductory course in physical science for non-science majors. Course content includes: discussion of basic concepts in physics, chemistry, astronomy, and meteorology.


  1. Categorize motions in the context of Newton's Laws and the conservation of momentum.
  2. Illustrate various energy forms and their uses in society.
  3. Apply concept of molecular motion to heat transfer.
  4. Describe the laws of thermodynamics and classify waves, their interactions, and interferences in reference to both sound and light.
  5. Describe magnetism as it relates to electricity, the electric field and circuit.
  6. Differentiate the configurations of atoms in chemical compounds as it relates to energy and polarity.
  7. Classify chemical reactions and illustrate their properties based on molecular structure and pH.
  8. Describe types of hydrocarbons, polymers, and radioactive decay as it relates to energy.
  9. Classify stars and galaxies according to theory.
  10. Organize Earth and solar system motions as it relates to time, season, climate, and tides.
  11. Construct the rock cycle and the associated rock types and defend the theory of plate tectonics.


  1. MTH 1010


Physical science (Rev: 9th)

Publisher: McGraw Hill (2012)
Author: Tillery, B. W.
ISBN: 9780073512211
Price: $199.86

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