PA 5306: Public Policy


Provides a critical overview of the public policy process and effects on public, nonprofit, and private organizations. Students identify the steps in the public policy and analysis process, including problem identification, policy formation, and implementation, as well as evaluate techniques within various public sectors and nonprofit organization environments. Students implement successful strategies using case analysis and demonstrate understanding of the policy steps as students apply them to a public policy moving through their state, city, or county legislature or policy regulation within the public agency.


  1. Explain the policy environment to include official policy makers and unofficial participants.
  2. Evaluate the major stages in the public policy process.
  3. Differentiate administrative politics and policymaking.
  4. Analyze the methodological problems in the study of public policymaking.
  5. Summarize theories of public policy decision-making.
  6. Discuss the relationship between public policy and budgeting.
  7. Assess future alternatives for reforming the relationships between government and the economy.
  8. Analyze the impact that education and healthcare policies have on the future of policymaking.




Understanding public policy (Rev: 15th ed.)

Publisher: Pearson (2017)
Author: Dye, T. R.
ISBN: 9780134169972
Price: $165.95

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