OSH 4520: Risk Management


Examination of risk management principles in the context of safety and health management. Strategies and tactics for reducing workplace hazards are presented through a review of best practices and principles balanced by an organization’s use of opportunistic and speculative risks.


  1. Explain risk management concepts related to safety management and accident prevention.
  2. Evaluate analytical tools that assess workplace hazards and risks.
  3. Integrate occupational safety and health programs into the total risk management process.
  4. Discuss how individual perception of risk contributes to risk-taking behavior.
  5. Create a workplace assessment for hazards and risks.
  6. Apply risk-reduction strategies to reduce workplace hazards.
  7. Determine the acceptability of residual risks after risk-reduction tactics are applied.


  1. OSH 3525
  2. OSH 3001


Risk assessment: A practical guide to assessing operational risks

Publisher: Wiley (2016)
Author: Popov, G., Lyon, B. K., & Hollcroft, B.
ISBN: 9781118911044
Price: $97.50

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