OSH 4309: Lean Safety Management and Sustainability


A look at safety management from the viewpoint of continual improvement using lean management techniques. Introduces techniques commonly utilized in quality management, such as Kaizen events, 5S, and Six Sigma techniques to safety and health management systems.


  1. Discuss the role of all stakeholders, including employees, to think proactively and accept responsibility for safety and health.
  2. Explain the role of management systems, measurable standards, and metrics as tools for improvement.
  3. Describe how a highly effective safety program requires a world class safety culture.
  4. Demonstrate how lean tools, such as the facilitated Kaizen blitz and A3 problem solving, are applicable to safety.
  5. Utilize lean tools to establish a safety culture and to ensure continuous improvement.
  6. Explain why safety must be valued by leadership rather than only treated as a priority.
  7. Use lean tools to investigate and analyze accidents/incidents, and to prevent future occurrences.
  8. Discuss how employees contribute, with lean tools, to the establishment of a world class safety culture.


  1. OSH 3001
  2. OSH 3651
  3. OSH 4010


Lean safety: Transforming your safety culture with lean management

Publisher: CRC Press (2010)
Author: Hafey, R. B.
ISBN: 9781439816424
Price: $49.87

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