OSH 4010: Safety Supervisor


Explores the tools needed to understand and deal with the unique role and project management responsibilities of safety supervisors and safety project managers. Various sample forms as presented by the National Safety Council are included along with case study scenarios for student review and commentary.


  1. Examine safety-related roles and responsibilities of individuals who work in organizations.
  2. Apply risk management techniques to workplace safety and health risks.
  3. Examine occupational hazards commonly encountered in industry.
  4. Perform hazard analysis for job scenarios.
  5. Recommend controls for workplace hazards.
  6. Apply the concept of hierarchy of controls for identifying hazard control strategies.
  7. Evaluate safety and health management systems approaches for controlling workplace hazards.
  8. Apply adult learning strategies to workplace safety and health training.


  1. OSH 3303
  2. OSH 3401
  3. OSH 3001
  4. OSH 3525


Supervisors' safety manual (Rev: 11th ed.)

Publisher: National Safety Council (2018)
Author: Martin, L. F., & Corcoran, D.
ISBN: 9780879123543
Price: $132.79

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