OSH 4010: Safety Supervisor


Overview of the tools needed to understand and deal with the unique role and project management responsibilities of safety supervisors and safety project managers. Various sample forms as presented by the National Safety Council are included along with case study scenarios for student review and commentary.


  1. Recognize the safety supervisor's goals and responsibilities in the workplace, both up and down the corporate ladder.
  2. Identify and evaluate chemical and physical hazards in the workplace.
  3. Define acceptable levels of risk for department operations.
  4. Define and assess control of hazards to prevent injuries, illness, and property damage.
  5. Discuss the concepts and development of an employee safety program.
  6. Explain how to choose and use PPE and conduct job safety analyses.
  7. Discuss employee injury record keeping and analysis.
  8. Summarize the role of ergonomics in the workplace.
  9. Explain how to conduct safety inspections and incident investigations.
  10. Differentiate between Safety and Environmental responsibilities for supervisors regarding major federal, state, and local regulatory mandates, including instances where the responsibilities overlap.
  11. Recognize the principles of machine safeguarding and safe use of hand and portable power tools.
  12. Illustrate key elements of safe materials handling and storage.
  13. Identify key elements of a workplace electrical and fire safety program.


  1. OSH 3303
  2. OSH 3401
  3. OSH 3525
  4. OSH 3001


Supervisors' Safety Manual (Rev: 10)

Publisher: National Safety Council (2009)
Author: National Safety Council
ISBN: 978-0879122881
Price: (No information available)

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