OSH 3303: Workers' Compensation


Examines the fundamentals of workers’ compensation including the history and legal aspects of state workers’ compensation systems, workers’ rights, claims management, reporting and recording requirements, and various types of coverage available to employers.


  1. Describe the history of the workers' compensation system in the United States.
  2. Examine fundamental laws common to state workers' compensation systems.
  3. Discuss workers' rights and responsibilities under the majority of state workers' compensation systems.
  4. Examine different types of coverage available to employers.
  5. Discuss fundamentals of claims management, including identification and classification of compensable injuries and illnesses.
  6. Explain state workers' compensation record-keeping systems and reporting requirements.
  7. Apply workers' compensation management regulations and concepts to workplace scenarios.


  1. OSH 3001


The insurance professional's practical guide to workers' compensation: From history through audit (Rev: 2nd ed.)

Publisher: Wells Media Group (2011)
Author: Boggs, C. J.
ISBN: 9780578020969
Price: $39.00

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