OSH 3301: Fleet Safety


A comprehensive study of motor fleet safety and instructional programs. Focus areas include accident prevention, security, job safety analysis, school bus safety, shipping and storage of hazardous materials, driver selection and training, vehicle inspection, and considerations for a small fleet.


  1. List the elements of a fleet safety program.
  2. Identify accident prevention and its costs.
  3. Describe the special considerations of a small fleet.
  4. Discuss the benefits of driver training and instructions.
  5. Analyze the responsibilities and duties of driver supervision.
  6. Recall the components of a motor fleet inspection program.
  7. Demonstrate how to organize motor fleet accident data.
  8. Illustrate how to perform a job safety analysis.
  9. Discuss how to develop positive motor fleet transportation publicity.
  10. Explain the components of a school bus safety program.
  11. Classify the procedures of shipping and storage of hazardous materials.


  1. OSH 3001


Fleet safety: For safety professionals and fleet managers

Publisher: American Society of Safety Engineers (2015)
Author: Haight, J. M. (Ed.).
ISBN: 9780939874002
Price: $64.93

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