ORG 6900: Leading Complex Change


Capstone for the M.A. in Organizational Leadership: Learners create a leadership project with an applied context. As part of the capstone, learners also reflect and discuss how the individual’s leadership lens informs his or her chosen career field. (Note: ORG 6900 should be taken during the last term of the M.A. program)


  1. Analyze the process of leading complex change.
  2. Discuss the relationship among use of self and leadership for complex change.
  3. Evaluate an organization’s readiness for complex change.
  4. Apply self as an instrument to identify how to leverage one’s leadership talents to serve as an instrument for change.
  5. Develop strategies for including people in the change process by inviting them to express their ideas and talents.
  6. Develop strategies for reinforcing new behaviors and gathering interpersonal data during the change implementation process.
  7. Develop strategies for creating respect and psychological safety during the change process.
  8. Develop assertiveness for sharing one’s own perspective and the empathy to understand others’ perspectives.
  9. Design a plan for leading a specific area of change within a specific team or organization using self as an instrument.


  1. ORG 5000
  2. ORG 6700
  3. ORG 5100


Implementing organizational change: Theory into practice (Rev: 3rd ed.)

Publisher: Prentice Hall (2013)
Author: Spector, B.
ISBN: 9780132729840
Price: $119.54

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