ORG 6800: Organization Development


Learners analyze organizational development (OD) processes that are designed to improve organizational effectiveness. These OD processes are systematic, long-term efforts that focus on the human and social elements of organizational change.


  1. Evaluate the organizational development (OD) processes and how they are applied to bring about change.
  2. Develop the use of self for leading the organizational development (OD) process.
  3. Evaluate how processes used in organizational interventions are designed to effectively promote change that is supported by organization members.
  4. Demonstrate how organizational development (OD) processes are used to diagnose organizational problems, design strategies for change, communicate the strategies, and adapt organizational resources to accomplish changes necessary to achieve its goals.
  5. Evaluate the use of action research for the organizational development (OD) process.
  6. Evaluate the effectiveness of sustained organizational development (OD) interventions and what they mean for organizational success.


  1. ORG 5000
  2. ORG 5100


Assessment and diagnosis for organization development: Powerful tools and perspectives for the OD practitioner

Publisher: CRC Press (2017)
Author: Rothwell, W. J., Stopper, A. L. M., & Myers, J. L. (Eds.).
ISBN: 9781138721135
Price: $171.60

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