ORG 6700: Diversity and Inclusion in the Organization Culture


Learners explore strategies for influencing and acknowledging inclusion and diversity within organizational culture. Emphasis is on transforming organizational norms and group dynamics in order to ensure a purposeful commitment to influencing diversity and inclusion.


  1. Apply the theories that have shaped the study of diversity and inclusion.
  2. Evaluate one’s own self-concept based on the dimensions of diversity.
  3. Compare and contrast dysfunctional and healthy thought-behavior processes as they relate to diversity and inclusion.
  4. Evaluate ethical and legal aspects of diversity and inclusion within an organization.
  5. Create a business case for diversity and inclusion.
  6. Describe the perspectives of underrepresented groups that comprise a diverse workforce.
  7. Develop workplace inclusion strategies for underrepresented groups.
  8. Evaluate the diversity and inclusion of an organizational culture.
  9. Develop a strategy for transforming an organizational culture to influence diversity and inclusion.


  1. ORG 5100
  2. ORG 5000


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