ORG 6000: Leadership Development and Coaching


Leadership Development and Coaching assesses and develops a personal leadership style preference, conflict management methods, and emotional intelligence behaviors. The course places emphasis on research and the leadership actions of diagnosing, communicating, and adapting.


  1. Apply leadership development and coaching skills.
  2. Compare criteria of effective leadership styles.
  3. Create situational leadership strategies for organizational leaders.
  4. Evaluate strategies for effective conflict resolution.
  5. Analyze emotional intelligence behaviors in leadership roles.
  6. Define strategies that assist leaders to set actionable goals.
  7. Demonstrate how research informs decision makers.


  1. ORG 5000
  2. ORG 5100


Emotional intelligence 2.0

Publisher: TalentSmart (2009)
Author: Bradberry, T., & Greaves, J.
ISBN: 9780974320625
Price: $22.77

Leadership 2.0

Publisher: TalentSmart (2012)
Author: Bradberry, T., & Greaves, J.
ISBN: 9780974320694
Price: $12.99

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