ORG 5100: Leadership Theory and Practice


Learners explore the philosophy and expression of leadership and how those aspects have changed through history. A variety of leadership models and styles are discussed along with their impact on today's leadership practice.


  1. Evaluate leadership roles and strengths.
  2. Analyze leadership from a personality trait perspective.
  3. Evaluate leadership behavior and motivation.
  4. Evaluate leadership strategies using contingency leadership theories.
  5. Analyze how leaders influence by leveraging power, politics, networking, or negotiation.
  6. Apply leader-member exchange theories to team leadership.
  7. Evaluate followership strategies for achieving mutual influence within the leader-follower relationship.
  8. Compare and contrast charismatic, transformational, and servant leadership approaches for leading organization learning and change.
  9. Evaluate the impact of organization culture on the organization’s capacity for change and innovation.
  10. Explain Waldorf’s Academic Integrity Policy.
  11. Develop a research paper to analyze a specific leader from the perspectives of a variety of leadership theories.


  1. ORG 5000


Leadership: Theory, application, and skill development (Rev: 6th ed.)

Publisher: Cengage Learning (2016)
Author: Lussier, R. N., & Achua, C. F.
ISBN: 9781285866352
Price: (No information available)

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