ORG 5000: Personal Leadership Development


This course introduces learners to the Organizational Leadership program, acclimates them to the online format, and begins their journey toward effective organizational leadership studies. Learners will research online library assets, engage in asynchronous discussions of leadership topics, learn basic leadership theory, and demonstrate mastery of basic APA skills.


  1. Demonstrate familiarity with Waldorf’s online learning format.
  2. Demonstrate proficiency with APA format.
  3. Demonstrate proficiency with locating credible sources in the Waldorf Online Library.
  4. Define organizational culture.
  5. Describe the role of diversity with respect to organizational culture.
  6. Evaluate change management.
  7. Analyze the connection between personal values and individual motivation.
  8. Examine a personally preferred leadership style.




Leadership: Theory and practice (Rev: 8th ed.)

Publisher: SAGE (2019)
Author: Northouse, P. G.
ISBN: 9781506362311
Price: $91.52

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