ORG 5000: Personal Leadership Development


Learners develop the "use of self" as an instrument for change, applying critical thinking skills. Personal reflection and self-assessment are used to identify preferred learning styles and leadership tools that complement one’s personal style. Additionally, this course introduces learners to the Organizational Leadership program, acclimates them to the online format, and builds their identity as members of the Waldorf community.


  1. Demonstrate familiarity with Waldorf’s online learning format.
  2. Explain the "self as instrument" approach to leadership.
  3. Discuss "self as instrument" leadership as a journey and reflect on their personal journeys toward leadership.
  4. Analyze their personal values and motivations for leadership and develop a personal purpose statement.
  5. Analyze their leadership skills and abilities to create a leadership talent inventory.
  6. Apply "self as instrument" to identify how to leverage their leadership talents to develop and empower people.
  7. Apply "self as instrument" to identify how to leverage their leadership talents to serve as instruments for change.
  8. Create a personal leadership development plan.




The discover your true north fieldbook: A personal guide to finding your authentic leadership (Rev: 2nd)

Publisher: Wiley (2015)
Author: Craig, N., George, W. W., & Snook, S.
ISBN: 978-1-119-10355-4
Price: $19.25

Discover your true north: Becoming an authentic leader (Rev: 2nd)

Publisher: Wiley (2015)
Author: George, W. W.
ISBN: 978-1-119-08294-1
Price: $22.30

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