ORG 3800: Leadership Across Generations


Presents leadership strategies for multigenerational teams. Topics include the defining experiences of each generation in the workforce and how those defining experiences have shaped the generation's work style, individual versus generational differences, and leadership strategies for influencing group dynamics to embrace generational diversity.


  1. Identify the demographics of the multigenerational workforce.
  2. Explain the importance of effective leadership across generations.
  3. Summarize the values, perspectives, and ways of approaching work that are characteristic of the generations represented in the workforce.
  4. Explain a generation’s defining experiences and how those experiences have shaped the generation’s values, perspectives, and ways of approaching work.
  5. Compare individual differences versus generational differences.
  6. Evaluate generational assumptions that impact the work environment.
  7. Analyze the group dynamics of a multigenerational workforce.
  8. Develop strategies for leading a multigenerational workforce that embrace generational diversity.




Clash of the generations: Managing the new workplace reality

Publisher: Wiley (2017)
Author: Grubb, V. M.
ISBN: 9781119212348
Price: (No information available)

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