ORG 3490: Industrial Organizational Psychology


Provides an analytical understanding of industrial/organization (I/O) psychology, one of the major applied areas of psychology. Examines the diverse field that addresses the human side of organizations.


  1. Explain the distinguishing factors of the field of Industrial Organizational (I/O) Psychology.
  2. Evaluate the methods and procedures involved with job analysis.
  3. Analyze objective and subjective measures of job performance.
  4. Evaluate the methods that I/O psychologists use to select employees for jobs.
  5. Explain the employee and organizational factors that impact training effectiveness.
  6. Analyze employee and environmental factors impacting performance.
  7. Describe the common approaches and theories of leadership.
  8. Explain how stressors impact employees and organizations.
  9. Evaluate best practices for team-building and for avoiding groupthink.
  10. Define and apply the concepts of organizational development.
  11. Compare and contrast the major organizational theories.


  1. PSY 1010



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