MUS 1010: Introduction to Music Appreciation


This course is designed to cultivate a deeper appreciation for the art of music. Students will explore diverse musical styles throughout history, with special emphasis given to masterworks from the Western art music tradition. Additional study of jazz, popular, film, and non-Western music will also be included. Through guided listening, students develop an understanding of the basic elements and materials of music, as well as the historical and cultural forces that contribute to its development.


  1. Demonstrate understanding of musical elements such as melody, rhythm, and harmony through guided listening and studying vocabulary.
  2. List the many roles or purposes for music in our culture.
  3. Identify western musical styles from their earliest beginnings to the present day.
  4. Examine the historical background of each musical period and discover its relationship to music and musical developments of the time.
  5. Identify the instruments of the orchestra, vocal classifications, and the instruments of jazz and popular music traditions.
  6. Develop an understanding of how music is a reflection of the culture in which it is surrounded.
  7. Compare the basic characteristics of classical, jazz, and popular musical styles.
  8. Examine the importance of music used in film, television, advertising, and other media.
  9. Discover music from non-western traditions, often referred to as "world music."




Listening to music (Rev: 7th ed.)

Publisher: Schirmer (2013)
Author: Wright, C.
ISBN: 9781133954729
Price: $139.01

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