MKT 5600: Marketing Research


Introduces students to the marketing research process and the importance of market research within an organization. The course includes an exploration of the methodologies that market researchers use to compile and analyze information through the use of statistical tools. Ethical aspects of market research are also be examined.


  1. Describe the scope of market research through the marketing research process.
  2. Explain the difference between the methodologies of qualitative and quantitative research.
  3. Examine the primary scales of measurement used in market research.
  4. Interpret the criteria used for scale evaluation to assess reliability, validity, and generalization.
  5. Indicate how researchers use questionnaires to obtain accurate data and minimize response error.
  6. Compare probability sampling techniques utilized by marketing researchers.
  7. Evaluate the significance of data analysis.
  8. Discuss the importance of interpreting results with emphasis on interactions, relative importance of factors, and multiple comparisons.
  9. Explain the nature and methods of bi-variant regression analysis.
  10. Illustrate the ethical responsibilities of marketing research.




Essentials of marketing research (Rev: 6th ed.)

Publisher: Cengage (2016)
Author: Babin, B. J., & Zikmund, W. G.
ISBN: 9781305263475
Price: $203.89

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