HUM 1020: Critical Thinking


Introduction to collegiate-level thinking. It could best be described as "thinking about thinking." Topics covered include creative and critical thinking, problem-solving, believing and knowing, and making and evaluating arguments. The course includes discussions, reflective papers, and the use of films.


  1. Distinguish between critical thinking and creative thinking.
  2. Examine one’s own voice of criticism.
  3. Apply the five steps of problem-solving.
  4. Demonstrate the connections between perceiving, believing, and knowing.
  5. Interpret the meaning of the term concept.
  6. Distinguish between reporting, inferring, and judging.
  7. Develop sound arguments.




Thinking critically (Rev: 12th ed.)

Publisher: Cengage Learning (2019)
Author: Chaffee, J.
ISBN: 9781337558501
Price: $122.81

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