HUM 1000: Warrior Seminar


This course is designed to help students develop college-level skills for academic success by focusing on life skills, holistic wellness, strategies for academic success, and connecting with Waldorf University.


  1. Develop effective learning strategies by assessing your existing practices.
  2. Identify the Waldorf resources and services which are available to help you successfully complete college coursework.
  3. Identify how Waldorf’s policies contribute to a student’s performance and success.
  4. Evaluate habits and skills for each of the seven dimensions of wellness: social, physical, emotional, career, intellectual, environmental, and spiritual well-being.
  5. Assess how your own gifts, talents, passions, and core values contribute to your vocation of choice.




P.O.W.E.R. learning and your life: Essentials of student success (Rev: 2)

Publisher: McGraw-Hill/Irwin (2014)
Author: Feldman, R. S.
ISBN: 978007352449
Price: $73.45

* Disclaimer: Textbooks listed are based on the last open revision of the course. Prior revisions and future revisions may use different textbooks. To verify textbook information, view the course syllabus or contact Student Services at