HRM 6400: Measuring HR and Change Impact


Learners examine practical approaches for measuring human resource management functions and change initiatives, with special focus on employee performance and organizational effectiveness. Case studies will be used to apply approaches for measurement design, data collection, analysis, and evaluation strategies for effective organizational decision making.


  1. Determine methods for measuring strategic outcomes for human resource (HR) management.
  2. Design an HR measurement system, including specific measurement techniques.
  3. Differentiate options for measuring elements of an HR department's overall strategic implementation system.
  4. Assess strategic HR performance management competence.
  5. Appraise the efforts of HR measurement throughout the value chain.
  6. Determine the attitudes necessary for total HR systems measurement.
  7. Analyze approaches for measuring human resource management functions.
  8. Evaluate HR management’s alignment with the organization’s strategic plan.
  9. Assess the role of HR during major change initiatives.
  10. Evaluate the impact of an employee engagement process.


  1. HRM 5200


Investing in people: Financial impact of human resource initiatives (Rev: 2nd ed.)

Publisher: Pearson (2011)
Author: Cascio, W. F., & Boudreau, J. W.
ISBN: 9780137070923
Price: $40.94

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