HRM 6000: Leadership Development and Coaching


Further developing the “use of self” as an instrument for change, learners apply critical thinking to the practice of developing and coaching people within the organization. Special focus is on developing and coaching leaders within the student’s chosen career field.


  1. Apply the “use of self” as an instrument for change through leadership development and coaching.
  2. Develop criteria to define the success of the coaching experience.
  3. Develop strategies for integrating leadership development and coaching into the organization culture.
  4. Develop strategies for leveraging the "use of self" to establish a coaching mind-set, both for the coach and the leader being coached.
  5. Develop strategies for facilitating coaching dialogue.
  6. Apply the coaching mirror technique to help the leader develop self-awareness.
  7. Evaluate strategies for providing feedback during the coaching process.
  8. Develop strategies for collaborating with the leader to interpret his or her learning needs.
  9. Develop strategies for helping the leader to set actionable goals.
  10. Create a coaching plan: a detailed plan for coaching a leader in a specific organization related to the student's chosen career field.


  1. HRM 5200


The coaching manager: Developing top talent in business (Rev: 2)

Publisher: SAGE (2011)
Author: Hunt, J. M. & Weintraub, J. R.
ISBN: 9781412977760
Price: $85.75

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