HRM 5200: Emerging Trends in Human Resource Management


Learners explore trends related to demographic shifts among talent, globalization, technology, and economic trends as these trends influence HR practices such as talent acquisition, development, and retention; performance management; and organization effectiveness.


  1. Assess how strategic human resource management (HRM) impacts the business results of an organization and how that impact is measured.
  2. Integrate pertinent environmental and internal variables into meaningful strategic HR models that can guide their practice.
  3. Build a strategic HR program in an organization that reflects a global perspective, one that emphasizes quality and high performance.
  4. Demonstrate an appreciation for the value of strategic HR leadership, with attentiveness to stakeholder concerns and awareness of the social and cultural implications of HR actions.
  5. Develop an approach to designing work systems based upon efficiency and strategic choice.
  6. Decide on the best approaches to talent management and acquisition.
  7. Evaluate the value of a corporate-wide performance management system.
  8. Evaluate the strategic value of compensation systems.




Strategic human resource management (Rev: 4th ed.)

Publisher: Cengage Learning (2015)
Author: Mello, J. A.
ISBN: 9781285426792
Price: $215.45

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