HLS 3500: Weapons of Mass Destruction


Weapons of Mass Destruction examines the various types of terrorism and known terrorist groups deemed to be a probable threat against the citizens of the United States and explores various techniques and resources designed to counter terrorist threats in the United States.


  1. Articulate the developmental history of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) technology in World War I and World War II.
  2. Evaluate laws regulating WMD proliferation.
  3. Characterize the four main types of weapons of mass destruction (WMD).
  4. Assess the impact that the evolution of WMD technology has on terrorism.
  5. Analyze counterterrorism operations concerning WMDs.
  6. Evaluate the moral and ethical implications of using WMD.
  7. Articulate how the use of WMD would impact society.
  8. Assess the capabilities of WMD to determine counteraction strategies.




Terrorism and WMDs: Awareness and response (Rev: 2nd ed.)

Publisher: CRC Press (2016)
Author: Pichtel, J.
ISBN: 9781498738989
Price: $143.00

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