HLS 3000: American Homeland Security


Evaluates the development of American homeland security from various perspectives to include historic, current, legal basis, organizational development, and best practices.


  1. Discuss factors that led to the resurgence of terrorism in the United States.
  2. Evaluate the United States government’s role in homeland security programs.
  3. Examine the motivations of terrorist group activities against Americans.
  4. Contrast the strengths and weaknesses of American homeland security’s counterterrorism policies.
  5. Critique the United States’ ability to respond to the aftermath of terrorism.
  6. Evaluate how terrorism impacts world trends.
  7. Determine tactical response options to terrorism based on available resources and jurisdictional procedures.
  8. Develop a homeland security strategy to counterterrorism.




Foundations of homeland security: Law and policy (Rev: 2nd ed.)

Publisher: Wiley (2017)
Author: Alperen, M. J.
ISBN: 9781119289111
Price: $143.00

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