HIS 1200: Medieval World


A survey of global societies including Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas which existed in the thousand year period between the ancient and modern eras (c. AD 500-1500). Attention will be given to the massive and creative developments of this period.


  1. Reading historical accounts systematically and effectively for central themes, arguments and evidence
  2. Recognizing and identifying significant geographic locations of history across the world
  3. Writing historical essays that posit contestable arguments
  4. Identifying change over time
  5. Connecting specific historical evidence to broad historical themes




Civilizations past & present, volume 1 (to 1650) (Rev: 12th ed.)

Publisher: Pearson (2008)
Author: Edgar, R. R., Hackett, N. J., Jewsbury, G. F., Molony, B. A., & Gordon, M. S.
ISBN: 9780205573752
Price: $139.75

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