HIS 1110: American History I


Explores the social, political, and economic history of the United States from pre-Columbian discovery through the conclusion of post-Civil War Reconstruction.


  1. Identify pre-Columbian American cultures with an emphasis on identifying Native American tribes and their associated settlements, tools, agriculture, and trade.
  2. Identify the rifts that developed between the European powers and their American colonies.
  3. Recognize the characteristics of the distinct regions of Colonial America.
  4. Summarize the impact foreign and local governments had on the evolution of American government.
  5. Identify the impact foreign aggression had on American civilian morale.
  6. Compare the influence of political parties on American society, government, and culture.
  7. Discuss the evolution of American philosophies or ideals.
  8. Explain the impact new technologies had on the evolution of gender and social roles.
  9. Summarize the factors leading to the American Civil War.




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