HIS 1100: Ancient World


Ancient World is a survey of global societies encompassing Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas from prehistory to around A.D. 500. There will be a focus on the birth of civilization and its struggle for existence.


  1. Analyze the political, cultural, and social contexts out of which society developed.
  2. Analyze written and visual materials of a historical nature.
  3. Assess the significance of historical landmarks and geographic locations.
  4. Compare and contrast the evolution of cultures based on geographical locations
  5. Examine the systematic cultural adoption from fiscal interaction and military conquest.
  6. Examine the evolution of religion throughout the course of time.
  7. Identify and discuss the impact of paradigm figures in rising civilizations.
  8. Identify the transitional periods of art.




The ancient world: A social and cultural history (Rev: 8th ed.)

Publisher: Pearson (2014)
Author: Nagle, D. B.
ISBN: 9780205941506
Price: $119.54

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