HCM 5200: Self-Care for Health Care Professionals


Who cares for the caregiver? This is a very valid question in any professional calling. Learners will be exposed to a wide variety of theories, rationale, and strategies to assist healthcare administrators model for the organization self-care that can enable them to be more effective leaders. Wellness strategies will be at the core of this study. This course is an elective course for those seeking a master’s degree in Health Care Management.


  1. Determine the importance of personal and professional growth in health care.
  2. Differentiate between caring for others and self-care.
  3. Interpret the changing role of healthcare providers in today’s society.
  4. Evaluate the challenges of self-care.
  5. Explore occupational hazards that contribute to emotional, physical, or psychological stress.
  6. Assess logical and practical self-care practices that fit the individual’s career and lifestyle.




Personal and professional growth for health care professionals

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning (2017)
Author: Tipton, D.
ISBN: 9781284096217
Price: $43.32

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