HCM 6900: Ethical Leadership


Many issues in management can involve ethical questions or have ethical implications–for customers, end users of goods and services, families, suppliers, and organizational leaders. The core of the course is anchored in ethical decision-making. A wide range of case studies are used to place an emphasis on components of how ethical decisions are made.


  1. Compare and contrast ethics theories as they apply to professional decision-making.
  2. Differentiate between morals, values, ethics/work ethics, integrity, service learning, virtues, honesty, courage, and self-confidence.
  3. Evaluate ethical considerations in management.
  4. Outline the steps needed when evaluating the importance of an ethical decision, including its impact on the organizational environment.
  5. Analyze how the 10 basic value types relate to leadership ethics.
  6. Explain the ethical issue(s) within a highly publicized court case involving an ethical decision.


  1. HCM 5200
  2. HCM 5100
  3. HCM 5000
  4. HCM 6100
  5. HCM 6200


Business ethics (Rev: 7th ed.)

Publisher: Prentice Hall (2010)
Author: De George, R. T.
ISBN: 9780205731930
Price: $118.36

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