HCM 6000: Health Care Strategic Planning and Marketing


Development of a strategic plan is vital to long-term growth and stability in health care. Leadership and stakeholder involvement in the development of such a plan is critical. The need to coordinate efforts in planning and implementing across departments and agencies will be a priority. Throughout the course, the learner will acquire practical skills needed to implement a plan, design a marketing brand image, as well as develop a strategic marketing presentation to disseminate information to stakeholders.


  1. Evaluate the application of strategic planning and marketing in developing solutions for the success of a healthcare organization.
  2. Identify the types of organizational objectives that are included in the strategic planning process of a healthcare organization.
  3. Analyze the importance of aligning the organizational strategies with the healthcare organization's guiding principles, values, mission, and vision statements.
  4. Examine the strategic planning process and the role of strategic management and leadership in the decision-making process.
  5. Discuss the importance of the marketing planning process.
  6. Identify the marketing tactics at all levels of planning.
  7. Analyze the best approaches for achieving organizational growth through strategic and marketing planning.
  8. Determine the ethical issues healthcare organizations face in marketing and marketing strategies.




Healthcare strategic planning (Rev: 4th ed.)

Publisher: Health Administration Press (2018)
Author: Harris, J. M. (Ed.).
ISBN: 9781567938999
Price: $81.12

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