HCM 4400: Risk Management in Health Care


This course introduces the concepts of health care risk management and will focus identifying real and potential risks in health-care settings. This course will also explore patient rights issues that give rise to common risk management concerns.


  1. Describe the evolution of risk management in the U.S. healthcare delivery system.
  2. Explain the regulatory environment of healthcare risk management in America today.
  3. Discuss key aspects of risk management in U.S. healthcare employment.
  4. Explain the essential role of communication in reducing risk in U.S. healthcare organizations.
  5. Describe strategies of risk management for specific high-risk areas of U.S. healthcare delivery.


  1. HCM 4201
  2. HCM 3002


Risk management in health care institutions (Rev: 3rd ed.)

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett (2014)
Author: Kavaler, F., & Alexander, R. S.
ISBN: 9781449645656
Price: $97.50

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