HCM 4320: Development and Strategic Planning in Health Care


Development and Strategic Planning in Health Care is an integrated capstone course which promotes understanding of the dynamics of strategic planning for medical organizations of all kinds. Students will cultivate skills in environmental assessment, diagnose organizational problems, identify opportunities for improvement, formulate and select strategic alternatives, and create strategic management action plans for effective implementation. Emphasized is the importance of leadership for effective strategic planning in health care organizations.


  1. Evaluate the importance and value of strategic planning for health care organizations.
  2. Create a stakeholder analysis for a health care organization.
  3. Develop vision and mission statements for a health care organization.
  4. Identify problems and improvement opportunities within a health care organization.
  5. Determine which issues should or should not be addressed within the strategic planning process.
  6. Formulate strategies and plans within health care organizations.
  7. Explain how entrepreneurial budgeting works within health care organizations.
  8. Construct a strategic management action plan for your own health care organization or one which you plan to lead.
  9. Discuss the importance of effective leadership within a health care organization.


  1. HCM 3002
  2. HCM 3304


Strategic management of health care organizations (Rev: 7)

Publisher: Jossey-Bass (2013)
Author: Ginter, P. M., Duncan. W. J., Swayne, L. E.
ISBN: 9781118466469
Price: $85.02

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