HCM 4305: Long-Term Care Management


Reviews the wide variety of healthcare facilities and services outside the hospital environment, along with the management of organizations that deliver healthcare services such as nursing homes, assisted living facilities, adult day care, home health, housing, and wellness. Introduces ethical and quality of care issues in LTC, the role of technology in LTC, and marketing and leadership responsibilities. Examines current and future trends of long-term care management.


  1. Summarize the different aspects of long-term care and continuum of care.
  2. Identify the composition or different aspects of long-term care and their characteristics.
  3. Characterize the client populations needing long-term care, including projected growth.
  4. Explain the rationale for a healthcare system oriented toward chronic are.
  5. Outline the basic operating characteristics of each of the major health services that make up the continuum of care.
  6. Explain the complexities of the current continuum of care system based on historical development, financing fragmentation, regulatory auspices, consumer preferences, and public policy.
  7. Delineate actions that can be taken by individuals and families to assume responsibility for the continuum care.


  1. HCM 3002
  2. HCM 3801


Long-term care: Managing across the continuum (Rev: 4th ed.)

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning (2016)
Author: Pratt, J. R.
ISBN: 9781284054590
Price: $83.94

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