HCM 4304: Project Management for Healthcare Professionals


This course teaches students the principles of project management, reengineering, and work redesign. Students will focus on developing strategies necessary to initiate, plan, implement, and disseminate the results of a health-science project.


  1. Explain the steps in a project life cycle.
  2. Identify tools and resources for managing projects.
  3. Describe the activities related to creating a project plan.
  4. Compare and contrast scope, change, risk, and stakeholder management.
  5. Develop a project plan that incorporates the project life cycle, required tools, and activities associated with a project plan.


  1. HCM 3002


Healthcare project management

Publisher: Schwalbe (2013)
Author: Schwalbe, K., & Furlong, D.
ISBN: 9780982800355
Price: $76.34

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