HCM 4303: Comparative Health Systems


This course examines the structure of the major health care systems in the United States in a comparative analysis with other countries, focusing on financing, reimbursement, delivery systems and adoption of new technologies. Students will study the relative roles of private sector and public sector insurance and providers, and the effect of system design on cost, quality, efficiency, access to primary and specialty care, and equity of medical services.


  1. Identify and evaluate cultural, historical, geographic, environmental, economic, and political factors that influence healthcare in specified countries.
  2. Recognize and explain basic factors influencing the use of health services and systems.
  3. Analyze and evaluate national healthcare services and systems by addressing the health status indicators of populations and the determinants of health and illness.
  4. Assess healthcare reform efforts and models being used in other countries to effectuate changes, including health policy development.
  5. Evaluate elements of the healthcare professions in select national healthcare systems, including health workforce changes.
  6. Examine the various cultures, values, norms, behaviors, communication, and ethical issues existing in healthcare systems.
  7. Recommend solutions for national healthcare problems and global health problems.
  8. Synthesize major issues effecting select national healthcare systems by offering sustainable solutions to problems through observation, evidence, and research.


  1. HCM 3002
  2. HCM 3801


Global health systems: Comparing strategies for delivering health services

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning (2014)
Author: Lovett-Scott, M., & Prather, F.
ISBN: 9781449618995
Price: $96.29

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