HCM 4201: Health Care Law


Provides background and legal principles for problems concerning our healthcare delivery system. Focus is placed on professional regulation and the managed care and hospital certification programs that impact professional practice. The course is designed to prepare clinical and administrative healthcare personnel for the challenges of understanding today’s important issues, from handling patient records and avoiding malpractice, to addressing topics of abortion, AIDS, and the right to die.


  1. Examine the similarities and differences among laws, ethics, and bioethics.
  2. Determine why an understanding of the law is necessary for the healthcare professional.
  3. Evaluate ethical and legal considerations of the physician-patient relationship.
  4. Relate concepts of professional liability and medical malpractice to the healthcare profession.
  5. Assess the public duties of the physician.
  6. Analyze the regulations defined by workplace laws and ethics.
  7. Explore the components of patient privacy, to include laws and regulations used to protect medical records.
  8. Examine bioethical issues faced by physicians and other healthcare professionals.
  9. Explain ethical issues related to the protection of life.
  10. Defend ethical and legal issues relating to international health and human rights.


  1. HCM 3002


Medical law and ethics (Rev: 5th ed.)

Publisher: Pearson (2016)
Author: Fremgen, B. F.
ISBN: 9780133998986
Price: $62.21

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