HCM 3303: Health Informatics Principles and Practice


This course provides an overview of health information management and HIM principles, policies, and procedures including health data content, collection, quality, registries, access, and retention. This course examines the use of technology in warehousing and mining health care data, communicating health care data, and safeguarding health care data, electronic health records, and personal health records. The benefits and challenges of health care information systems as well as the future of health information management systems are discussed.


  1. Interpret the differences and similarities between ethics, law, culture, and social acceptance.
  2. Analyze the relation of health informatics in the health care delivery, administration, education, data administration, and quality research initiatives.
  3. Compare and contrast data, information, and knowledge.
  4. Assess the varying data capture tools and technologies.
  5. Summarize reimbursement and billing methodologies.


  1. HCM 3002


Health information technology (Rev: 3)

Publisher: Saunders (2014)
Author: Davis, N., LaCour, M.
ISBN: 978-1437727364
Price: $93.55

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