HCM 3002: Introduction to Health Care Management


Introduction to Health Care Management contains an introduction to the field of modern healthcare management through a systematic analysis of the important areas of concern to the healthcare manager. Topics covered include the planning process and how planning is used in healthcare administration; the organizing process and job design; supporting and implementing decisions; building the quality of clinical service; and providing human resources and plant services.


  1. Explain the emergence of the modern healthcare organization.
  2. Describe how the design of healthcare organizations reflect their environment.
  3. Analyze the structure of governing boards for healthcare organizations.
  4. Outline the characteristics of the executive office.
  5. Categorize marketing procedures in a healthcare organization.
  6. Analyze the finance system in a healthcare organization.
  7. Examine information services in a healthcare setting.
  8. Evaluate ways to improve the quality and economy of patient care.
  9. Compare and contrast clinical support services.
  10. Explain how an effective human resource system operates.




Fundamentals of health care administration

Publisher: Pearson (2014)
Author: Safian, S. C.
ISBN: 9780133065633
Price: $58.96

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