HCM 1301: Basic Medical Terminology


This course will provide students with fundamental skills in understanding how to use prefixes, suffixes, and root words to develop medical terms. Students will become familiar with the spelling and definition of common medical terms related to major disease processes, diagnostic procedures, laboratory tests, abbreviations, drugs, and treatment modalities.


  1. Describe how medical terms are constructed.
  2. Apply the appropriate placement of prefixes, suffixes, and root words/combining forms to create medical terms.
  3. Recognize terms associated with the various systems of the body.
  4. Construct medical terms using various word parts.
  5. Explain the meanings of medical abbreviations.
  6. Identify terms associated with various diagnostic and laboratory procedures.
  7. Identify medical terms associated with various health care specialties.
  8. Recognize terms associated with major diseases, drugs, and modes of treatment.




Medical terminology: Get connected! (Rev: 2nd ed.)

Publisher: Pearson (2017)
Author: Frucht, S. S.
ISBN: 9780134318134
Price: $61.95

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