FSC 6800: Executive Leadership for Fire/Rescue Officers


The course examines the fire/rescue officer’s role as an executive leader. Students evaluate leadership effectiveness, comparing and contrasting approaches used by various leaders. Students also analyze legal issues and insurance grading as well as develop procedures for job evaluation and promotion. The course concludes with strategies to enhance the fire/rescue officer’s life quality through personal and professional development.


  1. Evaluate the effectiveness of various leaders.
  2. Evaluate the budget administration process.
  3. Analyze legal issues related to various common cases.
  4. Examine the political resources and challenges for fire/rescue organizations.
  5. Evaluate the character and the value of reputation among selected leaders.
  6. Examine trends in human resource management.
  7. Analyze current concepts in the administration of fire/rescue training and education programs.
  8. Develop leadership strategies for improving life quality among public officials through personal and professional development.


  1. FSC 6200
  2. FSC 6400
  3. ORG 6000


The fire chief’s handbook (Rev: 7th ed.)

Publisher: PennWell (2015)
Author: Marinucci, R. A. (Ed.)
ISBN: 9781593702625
Price: $102.96

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