FSC 6200: The Fire/Rescue Executive's Role in Community Risk Reduction


This course examines the executive fire/rescue officer’s role as a leader for community risk-reduction. Students will address ways to enhance life safety and reduce multi-hazard risks within their communities. Avenues for influencing statewide officials to champion these causes will be examined. Specific areas of fire prevention, such as code enforcement, fire safety education, and fire investigation, will also be discussed.


  1. Develop a community risk-reduction plan.
  2. Interpret the components of a state-wide program for fire risk analysis.
  3. Evaluate staff and equipment needs of a fire department fire prevention bureau.
  4. Analyze legal issues related to code enforcement.
  5. Discuss the major concepts of fire code adoption, application, and interpretation.
  6. Evaluate local and national resources to enhance local fire and life-safety education efforts.
  7. Evaluate life-safety measures and multi-hazards within a community.




The fire chief’s handbook (Rev: 7th ed.)

Publisher: PennWell (2015)
Author: Marinucci, R. A. (Ed.)
ISBN: 9781593702625
Price: $102.96

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