FSC 4610: Fire and Emergency Services Administration


Provides a progressive primer for students who want more knowledge about fire and emergency services administration. The course demonstrates the importance of the following skills necessary to manage and lead a fire and emergency services department through the challenges and changes of the 21st century: persuasion and influence; accountable budgeting; anticipation of challenges; the need for change, and using specific management tools for analyzing and solving problems.


  1. Assess the importance of positively influencing community leaders by demonstrating effective leadership.
  2. Analyze the concept of change and the need to be aware of future trends in fire management.
  3. Outline the priorities of a budget planning document while anticipating the diverse needs of a community.
  4. Develop a clear understanding of the national assessment models and their respective approaches to certification.
  5. Discuss the elements of effective departmental organization.
  6. Analyze the value of a community-related approach to risk reduction.
  7. Classify what training and skills are needed to establish departmental organization.
  8. Report on the importance of communications technology, fire service networks, and the Internet when conducting problem-solving analysis and managing trends.


  1. FSC 2010


Chief officer: Principles and practice (Rev: 2nd ed.)

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning (2017)
Author: Purchase, D. J.
ISBN: 9781284038422
Price: $98.71

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