FSC 3610: Fire Related Human Behavior


This course explores human behavior as it relates to fire and mass casualties, while also addressing a historical review of human behavior in fire, building design, fire department operations, and evacuation procedures involving specific groups, such as large populations and persons with disabilities. Students will also examine current and past research on human behavior, life safety education, and building design to determine interaction of these areas in emergency situations.


  1. Create a system that integrates human behavior factors into life safety planning and practice.
  2. Explain how psychological and sociological factors influence behavior.
  3. Demonstrate how current computer system models function.
  4. Analyze current human-related fire research.
  5. Explain how socioeconomic factors play a role in fire incidence.
  6. Discuss the relationship between human behavior in fire and building evacuation.
  7. Describe how panic affects human behavior in fires.


  1. FSC 2010


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