FSC 3410: Fire Protection Structures and Systems


Examines the underlying principles involved in structure fire protection systems, building furnishing, and fire protection systems including water-based fire suppressions systems, fire alarm and detection systems, special hazard suppression systems, and smoke management systems.


  1. Analyze building structural components for fire endurance and fire resistance.
  2. Explain the flame spread and smoke production properties of building furnishings and materials.
  3. Analyze, evaluate, and determine appropriate use for fire detection and alarm systems; waterbased fire suppression systems; special hazard fire suppression systems; and smoke management systems, with a sophisticated understanding of how they integrate to function as a complete life safety system.
  4. Describe the fundamental principles related to structural fire protection, building furnishings, and fire protection systems.


  1. FSC 2010


Fire detection and suppression systems (Rev: 4)

Publisher: Fire Protection Publications (2012)
Author: Sturzenbecker, M. J., Adams, B., & Burnside, E. (Eds.).
ISBN: # 978-0132786058
Price: $73.71

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