FSC 3302: Fire Investigation and Analysis


Examines the dynamics of ignition, flame spread, and room fire growth. Explores all phases of fire and explosion investigation, financial management, and other fire department functions related to incendiary fire analysis and investigation.


  1. Correlate the characteristics of fire loss and arson necessary to conduct fire investigation and analysis.
  2. Evaluate a fire scene in accordance with fire industry best practices and legal requirements.
  3. Analyze a fire scenario utilizing the scientific method and other appropriate methodologies.
  4. Explain the legal foundation for conducting incendiary fire investigation and case preparation.
  5. Design arson-related interventions and mitigation strategies.
  6. Summarize the investigative process for various types of fires.
  7. Summarize the fire investigator's role involving fire-related deaths and injuries.
  8. Analyze explosions and explosive combustion.


  1. FSC 2010


Kirk's fire investigation (Rev: 8th ed.)

Publisher: Pearson (2018)
Author: Icove, D. J., & Haynes, G. A.
ISBN: 9780134237923
Price: $94.62

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