EMG 6700: Case Studies in Natural Catastrophes and Man-Made Disasters


A critical look at emergency services management interactions in major historical natural catastrophes, man-made disasters, or terrorist incidents through the lessons learned from case study evaluation.


  1. Analyze the contributing factors that resulted in major historical disasters.
  2. Discuss the response and recovery processes that were undertaken in past disasters.
  3. Evaluate the collaborative efforts that were employed in past disasters.
  4. Analyze the lessons learned from major disasters of the past.
  5. Examine the future direction of emergency management.


  1. EMG 5300
  2. EMG 5000


Case studies in disaster response and emergency management (Rev: 2nd ed.)

Publisher: Routledge (2017)
Author: Valcik, N. A., & Tracy, P. E.
ISBN: 9781498788519
Price: $83.14

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