EMG 4900: Capstone in Emergency Management


This course will synthesize the principles and theories presented in the core group of courses in this program. Students will examine numerous case studies and evaluate the policy options that officials are facing today, in addition to future approaches in EM. The course will also aid students in developing the skills necessary to work in the field.


  1. Analyze and discuss the political, social, legal, and economic nature of emergency management.
  2. Identify the importance of NIMS and ICS.
  3. Examine emergency management best practices and discuss their future implications for emergency management.


  1. FSC 3110
  2. EMG 3001
  3. EMG 3000
  4. EMG 3100
  5. EMG 3050
  6. EMG 4001
  7. EMG 4050
  8. EMG 3002


Case studies in disaster response and emergency management

Publisher: CRC Press (2013)
Author: Valcik, N. A., & Tracy, P. E.
ISBN: 9781439883167
Price: $92.51

Emergency public health: Preparedness and response

Publisher: Jones & Bartlett (2011)
Author: Kapur, G. B., & Smith, J. P.
ISBN: 9780763758707
Price: $112.35

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