EMG 4050: Socio-Psychological Nature of Emergency Management


Students will analyze the social and psychological nature of working in emergency management. Relevant theories will be incorporated to display how humans prepare for, respond to and recover from vulnerabilities, risks, emergencies, disasters and catastrophes.


  1. Identify and discuss the concept of social vulnerability.
  2. Analyze the post-impact behavior of individuals and organizations within a society during and after a disaster.
  3. Analyze and discuss ways that the implications of disasters produce social change.
  4. Describe and discuss theories of thought that can be applied to emergency management scenarios.


  1. EMG 3000


Disaster mental health: Theory and practice

Publisher: Brooks/Cole (2007)
Author: Halpern, J. & Tramontin, M.
ISBN: 9780534534714
Price: $76.13

Response to disaster: Fact versus fiction and its perpetuation: The sociology of disaster (Rev: 3)

Publisher: University Press of America (2008)
Author: Fischer III, H. W.
ISBN: 9780761841173
Price: $48.87

* Disclaimer: Textbooks listed are based on the last open revision of the course. Prior revisions and future revisions may use different textbooks. To verify textbook information, view the course syllabus or contact Student Services at students@waldorf.edu