EMG 3002: Disaster Response and Recovery


This course will provide students with an in-depth understanding of the last two phases in the disaster cycle, response and recovery. Crucial in this course is student understanding of planned efficiency and effectiveness in true disaster situations. Topics covered include a comprehensive overview of the emergency management principles, unified and collaborative management of disasters, restoration of community functions after a disaster, and systematic planning for communitywide recovery.


  1. Apply the principles of emergency management to a diversity of disaster types and settings, including natural and manmade disasters.
  2. Explain the importance of planned efficiency and effectiveness for disaster response and recovery.
  3. Discuss quick but effective ways of improvising in disaster response situations.
  4. Propose a methodology for systematic planning of communitywide recovery after disaster.


  1. EMG 3000


Disaster response and recovery: Strategies and tactics for resilience (Rev: 2nd ed.)

Publisher: Wiley (2015)
Author: McEntire, D. A.
ISBN: 9781118673027
Price: $54.56

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