EDU 6100: Classroom Management for Effective Learning


As teachers work toward creating an inclusive learning environment, there needs to be a balance between a purely interactive classroom environment and classroom management. Classroom management does not mean sitting in straight rows and no one talking or making eye contact. Rather, the 21st century diverse classroom setting is managed by adults who are proactive, culturally sensitive, academically engaging, and gifted in multiple ways to motivate students academically and in positive behaviors.


  1. Develop effective classroom management techniques using current educational research.
  2. Evaluate strategies that contribute to an inclusive learning environment.
  3. Analyze best practices of effective classroom management to promote positive student behavior.
  4. Analyze strategies for effective classroom management of culturally diverse student populations.
  5. Evaluate techniques to engage and motivate students.
  6. Create classroom procedures to promote a collaborative learning environment.




Comprehensive classroom management: Creating communities of support and solving problems (Rev: 11th ed.)

Publisher: Pearson (2016)
Author: Jones, V., & Jones, L.
ISBN: 9780134444352
Price: $84.47

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